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Brand Design

Content Creation

Strategic Marketing

Visual Styling

Photo Direction

Senior Visual Designer



Fernish lets you rent, rent-to-own or buy furniture on your own terms. Free delivery and assembly comes standard. Get high-quality, designer brands with bite-sized payments. Creating your dream home just got easier.

In my role as Senior Designer on the marketing team, I expanded Fernish's visual brand while ensuring brand consistency across all touch-points. Through cross-functional collaboration, we successfully aligned design strategies with overarching business and performance objectives.



Interactive (Desktop Only)


Each project, whether it was weekly emails or launch campaigns, provided valuable opportunities to explore new brand applications and gain insight into audience preferences.

Lifestyle Photoshoots

By curating inviting and warm spaces and carefully selecting and styling models, we distinguished Fernish's visual identity from the sterile furniture photography commonly associated with larger brands.

Content Creator Guide

Expanding on the success of UGC-style ad videos, I created a detailed UGC Guide that empowered creators to align their content with our brand vision. This led to a significant improvement in the quality of influencer-generated content, allowing us to maximize its use across our social media channels and growth-focused ads.

Social + Ad Content

Using my knowledge of our audience's interests, I created strategic ads that seamlessly blended with the platform, tapped into current trends, and resonated with their budget-conscious mindset. The ads I developed and starred in for the Remy Sectional proved highly effective, more than doubling sales. This success played a pivotal role in shaping a product-focused ad strategy. Building on this achievement, we replicated the effectiveness of this approach for future product launches.

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